Grant and Valentine – Hand Carved Rocking Horses

Snow Flake

Birch and pine, fully hand-carved, painted black with light dapples

Secret draw (optional, 140 €)
Fitted with full mortise lock and 2 keys

Mane and tail
Black, natural horse hair

Fixed saddle (prevents slipping), black and cherry leather with brass metal work

Safety stand 
Ash, black stain (matt finish), complemented with brass accessories

All our horses can be personalised by adding your initials, emblem or company logo.

Suitable for children up to 4 years
1068 x 840 x 410 mm
Price 1220 €

Suitable for children aged 3-9 years
1350 x 1045 x 460 mm
Price 1900 €

Suitable up to an adult
1525 x 1245 x 510 mm
Price 2290 €

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Secret draw

Timeless pleasures creating an everlasting impression