Grant and Valentine – Hand Carved Rocking Horses

The Journey

Grant and Valentines rocking horse journey begins with my grandfather – Ralph Valentine. A trained stonemason and sculptor handcrafted his first horse after becoming a proud grandfather. He wanted to create a gift that no other would compare – a toy to be treasured and passed down to succeeding generations.

Inspired by my grandfather's imagination and craftsmanship my dream was to continue his work, hence becoming his apprentice. Alongside my artistic achievements and grandfather's wisdom, our traditional rocking horses exhibit a unique pedigree. 

Each piece is individually crafted using only traditional methods, carved from the finest selected woods. Playing with colour and tone we make our own tack. Our leathers are chosen from premium Italian tanneries.

Fascinated by early British traditional rocking horses for their ingenuity, loveable personalities and nostalgic emotions - our designs are composed conserving their original characteristics, yet gently adding a current look.

Timeless pleasures creating an everlasting impression.

Billy Grant
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Timeless pleasures creating an everlasting impression